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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Time for Love Valentine's Hop. Rafflecopter prizes & my Private Internship romantic suspense ON SALE!

In my second blog post of 2017 it's a Valentine's Hop sponsored by ABA (awesome bewitching authors) to celebrate the fabulous FEB season of love! Have fun visiting these blogs, discovering new recipes, ebooks and much more. 
Plus my romantic suspense, PRIVATE INTERNSHIP is on a limited time SALE! 
Enter the rafflecopter to win one of TWO $50 gift cards.
Lastly, comment below on why you like art and artists to win a FREE eBook of my MODEL POSITION novella.
The blogs in the hop:
Casi McLean  A Time For Love, Anna Durand's Spunk & Hunks, Mary Morgan,
Sorchia DuBois  Love Potions & Charms, Peggy Jaeger  He said he wasn't the romantic kind of guy, but... , Gini Rifkin  Love and War, Kayden Claremont - Sexy Chocolate Cakes, Devon McKay 50 Great Date Ideas,
Tena Stetler  Hearts Abound, Darlene Fredette, Maureen Bonatch - A Time for Love,
Judy Sterling  Souls Forever Bound, Barbara Bettis  Mysterious Origins of Valentine’s Day,
Holland Rae, Jana Richards - A Simple Romantic Dinner,
Kathryn Knight  Steamy Romance Meets Spooky Suspense, Elizabeth Alsobrooks  Book Bling,
Kim Mcdermott  Sweet Romances, Lisa Voisin, Kitsy Clare - Catherine Stine’s Idea City,
Linda Nightingale  Wordsmith, Bridie Hall - Romances & Recipes, Amber Daulton,
Hywela Lyn  Out of This World Romance, Karen Michelle Nutt - Time for Love,
Brenda B. Taylor  Historical Heartbeats.

To celebrate the Valentine's season PRIVATE INTERNSHIP, my romantic suspense is on SALE (Feb - March 2) for $0.99, down from its normal $2.99. Available here:
Amazon Kindle US, UK, CA, AUS,  B&N/Nook, Kobo, Apple/iBook

About the book:

Sugar's not so sweet and secrets can be deadly... especially with matters of the heart.

Sienna’s bestie, Harper warned her not to intern for famous bad boy artist, Casper Mason. After all, he just fired Harper who helped Sienna get the interview. But the moment Sienna sees Casper—or Caz—shirtless and swinging from chains while he works on his sculpture, she’s hooked. He’s the richest, hottest artist in New York, and he lives in the fabulous Williamsburg Sugar Factory. But he’s also an incorrigible game-player, who seems to relish testing Sienna’s loyalty with a string of unsettling tests.
She knows she should get away. But by the time Sienna sneaks into his locked storage room and unearths his dark and terrifying secret, she’s fallen way too hard for the handsome, charismatic Caz. This is the second in the Art of Love series, but the books can be read in ANY order.

***TO WIN a FREE eBook of  MODEL POSITION, the Art of Love novella that started Sienna's journey, comment below on what you love about art and artists, along with your email.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Private internship seems like a really sweet read.
    I admire artists because I have no artistic talent whatsoever and it fascinates me how they can create such beauty on canvas. Feels like magic to me.

  2. Awesome giveaway!
    Art often has a way of capturing more than is really there.

    1. Hahaha, that statement is true and also somehow amusing in an "Emperor's New Clothes" kind of way.

  3. Fantastic giveaway! I have a great admiration for artists and how they can bring such beauty from their minds.

  4. What a fun hop! I love art because it reminds me of the complexity of our individual souls, and I love it when it seems to connect me with an artist :)

  5. Holy cow, what a fab giveaway! I'll put it in my Fri post, Foxy's Freebies. Have a great week!

  6. What an amazing giveaway! Aren't we all lucky! :) Thanks for the chance to win and I loved getting to visit some new blogs, twitter pages, and FB pages.

    I love art because it is a way for people to express themselves. We are all creative beings and our art comes out in different ways. We each bring our unique selves into the experience and anything can happen. :)
    haightjess at gmail dot com

    1. You won the Model Position novella ebook! I am emailing you directly. Cheers, Catherine aka Kitsy Clare

  7. Just hopping over from my blog to say hi! I love the passion that goes into the artwork- paintings, sculptures, etc. You see a bit of their souls.

  8. Hi Catherine! Art is a way of giving into your inner creativity.

  9. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for sharing and I love your blog :)

  10. Many of you wrote great answers to why you like art. But Jess Haight also remembered to write her email, so JESS you WIN the ebook of Model Position. I will email you directly.

  11. Goodness, I'm really late to the party. Sorry about that. Extenuating circumstances and all... Anyhow, I love that artists capture the mood of a moment or sensation within their work. I think that's the joy of interpreting it--learning what the creator was experiencing.


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