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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Falling in Love, With a Car?


Cool Cube bar-less window

I have fallen in love with a car. That's right. After going to four auto shows, and visiting three dealers, and taking multiple test drives, my new love is the Nissan Cube. When I found out the car was being discontinued for 2012, I was bummed. Until I found out that a new Nissan car with many features of the Cube is being designed for a 2013 debut!

What's so great about the Cube, you ask? You claim it looks like one of those absurd mini bakery trucks, or like a box on wheels? All true. I can handle the stares and jokes. Because I know how the thing rides! For a tall person, it's a revelation. It's 2" shorter in length than my old Subaru Forester, but it has TONS more interior space and headroom. I will never have to hit my head on the door getting in, or the dash if I lean forward. The Cube reminds me of a Bulli. What the heck is that, you ask? Google it. The Bulli's a Volkswagon's concept car--and has a vague resemblance to the classic VW bus, but it's smaller and cuter and futuristic!
Versa Hatchback

Anyway, I had just finished test-driving the Nissan Versa Hatchback when I spotted the Cube. The Versa has headroom, pizzaz, a good safety rating and it's cheap. But it's just too normal a car for my artistic and rebellious nature.

So, what do you think of the Cube (pictured above). It has a wraparound right-back window and the back opens from the side. It has ripples on the ceiling and bungee cords on each side door to hold all kinds of stuff (French bread, maps, an umbrella). Basically, it was made for 20-something hipsters and greenies. I'm a 20-something hipster at heart and I like its green gas mileage.

So, should I get one tomorrow? Say yes! Anyone want to buy my spurned love, a Subaru Forester that I've totally babied over the years? It has a brand new $200 Pioneer radio with USB port and best of all--the radio constantly changes colors! Light show on wheels. I told you I was a party girl.

Do you ever go to the auto shows? What's your fave car? What cool accessory would you like to see in the car of the future?


  1. My ideal car would withstand scorching, killing desert heat--and it would fly, piloted by a the cute son of a scientist!

  2. I rarely fall in love with a car, but my 2004 Mazda 6 was beautiful. It was a 5-door so the trunk was massive and it had a rear wiper, which may not sound amazing, but believe me it is. I miss that car, even though I do love my fully loaded 2011 Accord. It practically drives itself.
    Get the car!

  3. Helen, you're too funny. Yes, a darter from the Fireseed One story would be cool. Amphibious, detailed by Auden, and able to escape swiftly from crazy nomads ready to stab you!

  4. The favorite car I ever owned was a Mercury Cougar, forget the date, but awhile ago. My blue VW Beetle is a favorite too. Loved that little car.

  5. My husband is a car nut, so we've gone to a LOT of car shows--several in other countries. Well, he needed a hobby, and car shows allow me a chance to meet people I never would have if I didn't have to keep myself busy while the guy I live with examines pistons. Whew! longish sentence, that.

    Hope you'll stop by and pick up a little something I left for you over at the Write Game.

  6. My favorite car so far is the one I own. A Scion. It's fun.

  7. I've been to one auto show--the big one in Chicago. But I'm not so much a car girl. I like motorcycles. :) After I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I sold mine and haven't gotten another. Yet. :)

    Strictly car speaking, though, I like different aspects of different cars. I drove an Acura NSX once, and that was a mind-blowing experience. :) Yet, I LOVE the four-wheel-drive of my SUV because I never get stuck in the snow anymore. So I guess my dream car would be one that can corner like it's on rails but still kick butt on snowy days. A total contradiction, but there you go. :)

  8. Tabitha, yes, the four wheel drive is great on snow. And M Pax, the Cube is very much like the Scion. Lee, I'm stopping over to your blog.
    Guess what?! I am buying a Cube tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Yay!!! Congrats on your new Cube!! I think they're super cute. Never been to an auto show... but I really love the mini Coopers. One day, I'll trade my minivan in for one. ;)

  10. Congrats to you on finding a car that 'speaks' to you! The only car I've (so far) fallen in love with is a Mini Cooper. Something about the shape, etc. Maybe the Year of the Dragon will see me zooming around in one -- who knows? Until then, I'll take the advice you left on on my blog re: wearing helmets and kneepads. ;-)

  11. Hi, Catherine. Congrats on finding THE car! I just posted the cute video about this car with the hamsters on my blog, I think, two weeks ago. I love the commercial!

    I gave you two blog awards, I'm sure you have one of them, but the other is kind of new to the blog circuit. You're blog is so creative with all your illustrations, you deserve it! Stop by The Trail, when you have a second.

  12. We used to live in Detroit so we would go to the auto show there it was fantastic. I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed them.

    I have never really liked the Cube, but my kids love it. I do think that wrap around window is cool. I say if you want it go get it (as long as you're not busting your budget!) Life is too short to not enjoy it!

  13. Yeah, the auto shows are so fun. I love the concept cars, like the VW Bulli. Finally got to sit in a Chevy VOLT. BUT, my heart goes to the Cube. I drove it home today, and put my fabric rabbit from China on the mirror (Last year was the year of the rabbit). Headed down to Chinatown for her companion dragon later this week.
    Thanks, Candy and Lee for the awards!!!
    And I agree that the Mini Cooper is really sweet.

  14. i've always liked the cube's wrap around window.
    I drive a chrysler sebring. I love it. It goes fast and has tons of trunk space and back seat space for guests.

  15. The Sebring, eh? I know nothing about that car.

  16. I've always loved the Cube Cars! My mom doesn't like them, but both me and my sister think they're awesome!! I think you should totally get one :)

  17. Now this is a car that gives a new dimension to interior spaces and car shapes. This is car is perfect for those long road trips and vacations in the country. You can practically bring your whole wardrobe along and you still have enough space to bring your dog!

    [Leisa Dreps]

  18. Sounds like you went through a lot before you found your one true love! But I think that it was worth the wait! If I were you, I would’ve bought that stunning Nissan Cube car. It looks unique in a good way. I also love the shape of the vehicle. It looks like a box running on wheels! It looks pretty cool. And I’m certain that this vehicle would go well with your artistic persona. So, did you buy one or not? Please tell us!

    -Sebastian Gaydos

  19. Who says you only have to fall in love with a person? I know many people who are obsessed with their cars, and that love has taken them places! Some have gone from north to south, east to west. And when you see pictures of their trips, you’d wish you were with them there and then! Me, I love sports cars. There’s nothing like getting an adrenaline rush at 100mph! :)