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Monday, September 3, 2012

Is it still cannibalism if...? & other odd questions

Happy Labor Day, and beyond. Today's post will be a potpourri of random bits, not unlike my mind today.
First order of business: We had a great party at our Catskill retreat on Saturday, and someone fed the leftover hamburger/cheese dip to the cows in the meadow, which they scarfed down with glee. Question #1: Is it still cannibalism if the eaters don't realize they're munching their own kind?
Unsuspecting cattle

Secondly, I start teaching tomorrow, and I look forward to it, while at the same time, feeling spoiled by months of free time. Now that my time is in large part claimed, will I put the rest of it to better use that I did in my laze-about summer? I teach at the School of Visual Arts and I noticed on Gallery Girls (Very catty but fun show that is my new addiction) one actor is attending SVA. Will I see camera crews milling about there? Question #2: Have you seen camera crews shooting Gallery Girls around Manhattan and Brooklyn?

This reminds me of another summer event: Law & Order, Special Victims' Unit used our foyer this summer to film a scene where the head guy is dragged out in handcuffs after they find him bedded down with a dead prostitu*e!!! His hands were all dripping with fake blood. Interesting to watch the takes, though the actor that I was secretly hoping to see was Ice Tea, who wasn't in that episode. Look for it, folks. That's our very own front stoop he's dripping his fake blood on!

Fireseed One book news: we are a Weekly Featured Great Read on Digital Book Today through this WED and there's ONE more week to buy Fireseed One's ebook version at the summer sale price of $0.99 before it drifts back to $2.99.

I hired a designer to revision the Fireseed One Facebook page, and he did a gorgeous job! What do you think of it? Check it out here and please follow for news, sequel info, swag and more.

Fireseed One also has a brand new twitter page, and would love you guys to follow it too!

Soon, I will have a redesign of my website and a brand new study/book club guide, so I guess I haven't been totally lazy this summer.

Oh, I did a guest post on sequels and trilogies on the fab YA's The Word. Read it here.

What have you been up to, talented writers, and what are your first fall activities?
Stay tuned for Idea City's post on Monday, September 10 to help Sheri Larson celebrate her new agent. We'll have LOTS of giveaway items so check back in!


  1. Sounds like you've been busy, Catherine! I'll celebrating with Sheri next Monday, too. :)

  2. Good luck with the school year.

  3. Woot! Congrats to Sheri :)
    mmh, that's a hard one about cannibalism. The FB page looks fantastic. Liked you :)

  4. Thanks, Cecelia, I appreciate it. Transitions from summer to fall are jolting, but exciting.

  5. Wow! I'm tired just listenng to your busy life. Will check the FaceBook page. Good luck with your class. Sounds exciting. I think if a cow doesn't know what its eating it doesn't matter.

  6. That's awesome about the L&O: SVU. I'm so thrilled for you and your foyer! Bummer about not seeing Ice-T though. He's my fav, too.

  7. Sounds like you've been keeping busy.
    I'm a fan of Ice Tea too! :)

  8. Good luck with the teaching season. Sounds like you had an exciting weekend. I wonder if the cows enjoyed their treat. Ugh.

  9. I found your Fireseed One Twitter page. It looks fabulous! Hope your teaching years gets off to a great beginning. :)

  10. I think, yes, on the cannibalism. And how awesome is the SVU thing?

  11. Poor cows.

    All the best to you with the incoming school year, Catherine!

    And sincere congratulations to Sheri Larson.

  12. Yes, the cow incident was pretty UGGGGHHH! Especially for me, since I stopped eating beef fifteen years ago. I taught my first class this morning, and it was awesome, so back in the saddle. And yes, the Law & Order gig was great fun. And now, can we get one more Facebook follower to reach 140!

  13. You are a busy gal! Oooh, need to check out that SVU scene now as I love that show. I know you will still fit in that writing time even with teaching and someday I hope to get your your Greece retreat!

  14. Yes, I think it's still cannabalism and very yucky.

  15. Congratulations of the featured digital book, Catherine. How wonderful.

    Happy back to school! As to cannibalism I'll go with yes. Shudder.

  16. Poor cows. They might go gangsta after this you know. :)

    You've been quite busy. Great fan page. I just made a fan page for me. I should do more with it. I've been slacking off there lately.

    I'm writing & editing. Doing my best to get out more product.

  17. Cows going gansta, that made me laugh my head off this morning, which is hard, as I am not a morning person. Mary, I will check out your fan page, and I like the streamlined look of your website/blog! And the cows are going back to hay!

  18. Thanks for doing the guest post Catherine, it was so good to have you over.
    I agree with everyone else, poor cows :) I'm thinking of giving up red mean myself ...not related to the cannibalism revelation specifically :)
    Look forward to the web redesign and guide.