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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

25-page manuscript critique, auction bid goes to Newtown families

As writers, we can help the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy by participating in the auction that fellow teen author SR Johannes and Miral Sattar, founder of Bibliocrunch have generously helped organize. I am offering a 25-page manuscript critique, with a starting bid of only $25. Come bid here for this worthy cause!
There are other great offers as well!
UPDATE! The auction is over--we raised $5,500! 
Thanks to Shelli, Mirae and Kate for organizing this generous event.

The money raised will go directly to relief funds being set up by the Newtown Youth and Family Services through the United Way of Western Connecticut for all of the families and victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School and the Newtown community.


  1. I saw that earlier - generous auction offer, Catherine.

  2. Thanks, Alex. You guys, only one more day to make a bid!!!!! I am a seasoned manuscript editor.

  3. Got one bid. Anyone want to up it for a really, really worthy cause? I'd love to give you feedback on your work. :) See my website for client testimonials.

  4. It is a very worthy cause. The news still makes me cry, though. Taht was a tough one.

  5. Yes, a worthy cause for sure! I have two bids... can I get three?!

  6. Great idea! I just published this on my blog. Hope you get tons of bids. :)

  7. A very generous auction item, Catherine! Awesome. I'm tweeting now.

  8. I'm sorry I missed this auction. That was an awesome item for you to put up, and the entire auction was a wonderful idea.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse