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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sizzling Ruby & Blane encounter, how to brainstorm & MULTIPLE PRIZES & freebies as Ruby's party blazes on.

Ruby's party blazes on with links to my posts on brainstorming, excerpts on Ruby's drug struggles, hot character sketches of Blane and Ruby and more. Enter the Rafflecopter for prizes! Plus there's a bonus prize for the most creative guess as to what the Red critter is in the picture below. But first, here's where you can find Ruby. Big hugs to all who buy, read, review and tweet about her, because readers make the world go around for us indies.

Ruby with a Dragon Lizard, by Catherine Stine
Ruby on Kindle, the illustrated paperback, on Nook

Today (Friday's) revelers! 
Donna Galanti has a scary Ruby medical excerpt
Book Whirlwind has a Ruby excerpt on her drug struggles
Beth Fred has my post on brainstorming
Kelly Hashway has a sizzling Ruby & Blane encounter Mom With a Kindle has a Ruby & Blane character sketch Twilight Sleep has a snippet of Ruby's first frightening encounter at The Greening & an extra prize! Always Jo Art has two special giveaways! Buried Under Books is a cool blog too, A Chick Reading has two mega-giveaways! The Bookish Owl, an extra Owlish giveaway!

Thursday's blog revelers: Oops, I Read a Book Again & Hot off the Shelves
Wednesday's Ruby blog revelers: Crystal Hicken Collier (where you guess which of my three "truths" is a big fat lie)Alex J CavanaughWhimsically YoursWintry WordsFresh Pot of TeaEclipse ReviewsKatie Clark Writes & Michael Ventrella.

Can you guess what this red critter is? Hint: it's NOT a bird. Most creative answer gets you a special, bonus prize!

Lastly, which of these Ruby lines most intrigues you? It's fascinating to know what others feel about our characters and stories.

#1: I reach for the velvety sack in my cloak and feel the reassuring give of the powder. It’s diminishing with every dose, and I won’t be able to make more here. I need to ration it carefully. My heart hammering, I flutter into the bathroom, inch open the drawstring and shake a line onto my wrist. I inhale greedily, desperately.

#2: When the man sees my face and my electric haze of hair, his eyes soften. That spark of wonder that men get whenever they gaze at me is in his eyes. That spark I almost always hate. Somehow with this stranger, it fills me with unexpected lightening.

#3: My arm is smarting. I turn it over gingerly to survey the damage, and gasp. It’s not bleeding red—rather some thin, greenish liquid. My insides freeze. “Armonk, I need to find that doctor now.” 
He rushes over. His pale, frightened expression tells me he agrees.

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  1. Replies
    1. I like how it shows her conflict. She's torn between wanting to ration it and make it last and needing to inhale it greedily. The contrast creates a great image. :)

  2. I think I like #3. The green liquid instead of blood definitely captures my attention and makes me wonder what's happening to her.

  3. Cherie, I agree. If my blood turned green I'd freak!

  4. Def #2 for me. Loved it! Makes me wonder about the MC and her relationships to the opposite sex. Plus it gives me a bit of insight into her character and makes me want to know more about her.

  5. I like the first quote.
    Is the creature a feathered dragon?

  6. PK, yeah, I always get curious about relationship teasers. Alex, good guess!

  7. I LOVE quote #2. I was thinking the "bird" was a phoenix--based on the fire theme, but hey, why not go for shape shifter, eh?

  8. Shape-shifter! Do I hear a second bid for shape-shifter?! Hmmm, not saying of it's wrong or right yet.... any more wild guesses?

  9. Since I know, I'll refrain from guessing. It was an awesome invention, Catherine. And I like all three lines a lot.

  10. I liked #3! Gosh, I haven't popped by in a while. Busy, busy! I'm so happy for you and your new release. Congrats, Catherine!

  11. Hi Candilynn, I'm with you on that. I like weird science, and if my arm was bleeding green, I'd be mighty freaked!

  12. A fire mage! I liked the first quote. Maybe because it spoke so much to character?

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  13. I'm going with #2. But it was a hard choice!

    Critter: a small prehistoric dino??? lol

  14. #2 for me, Catherine.

    I'm thinking Fiery Phoenix for the creature.

  15. I think it's a manifestation of Ruby's secret desires.

    #3 for me. That's a great hook.

  16. I like # 3. The doctor's reaction scares me. Wonder what is wrong?

    Is the creature a fish?

  17. Beverly, a flying fish! Have to admit, that's quite creative!!! Lee, Phoenix, hmmm.... me no tell. Not yet.

  18. Wow, Deborah, the critter a manifestation of Ruby's inner desires--I like it!

  19. I like #1!

    And I think the red creature is a hallucination brought about by the Oblivion!

  20. It sounds like the blog tour has been wonderful. I am enjoying seeing this beautiful book all over the place and I am learning more about it! :)

    I think the creature is a person trapped in the body of a furry baby dinosaur.

  21. Maureen, funny guess! Jess, you too! Keep 'em coming, this quiz fest is not over yet!

  22. I kind of got a little confused with the beginning layout of the blog post, but I think I got it all! I'm just slow. ALL the colors! lol

    Thank you much for stopping by my blog, it's much appreciated!

    I would love to buy and read the books, but I will have to wait for some time. They seem very interesting, though.

    I personally like #1 because I think it explains both #2 and #3. Given I'm limited on the context, it seems Ruby has some serious coked out drug issues!

    Being high on her "powder" has made her sexually super-charged, and thinking she is feeling hot to trot for the stranger. Obviously delusional thinking every man wants her. this poor stranger likely is just looking at her and thinking: "Oh My Nuts, this chick is jacked up!" and then his gaze softens being he feels sorry for her.

    Then she is tripping and seeing green liquid instead of blood OR the toxicity of her habit is catching up and her blood is literally becoming contaminated to the point of turning into green sludge.

    Either way... "powder" = bad mmmkay?

    As for the creature? Hmm. It looks like a phoenix, but that is a bird soooo...

    I wanted to say family member or a friend struck by a curse following Ruby around in hopes she can find a cure, BUT I'm really leaning towards it's merely a figment of her imagination, or rather a projection of her sub-conscious, which appears as she becomes increasingly drugged out. Naturally she is the only one able to see "it" which gives her the appearance of talking to herself whenever tapping into her secret "powder" supplements.

    That was a lot of fun, and I hope I wasn't somehow inadvertently offensive >.< If so, I apologize (I'd say "in advance" but alas... we are here at the end...)

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

  23. Jak, your post truly had me laughing. Ruby IS struggling with her Oblivion habit, and if and when you read Ruby, you'll find out if she overcomes this. I will add your insightful guess into what the heck the red critter is, to the list. deciding the winner(s) soon!

  24. Woo hoo for reveling! And over such a wonderful book. :) Have a beautiful weekend, Catherine.

  25. Wow, look at all that blog action! You're doing an awesome job with the "Promotion Monster" - go you! :-)

  26. Two more days until the winners are announced!

  27. I like #3.

  28. Gina, thanks for sharing your opinion!

  29. I'm so excited I won via the rafflecopter! Congrats to the other winners and thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this promotional contest for your book, Catherine!

    It was a lot of fun and I wish you all the best in it's success!