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Monday, July 7, 2014

Susan Kaye Quinn's Second Daughter is out today-plus enter for prizes!

Second Daughter (The Dharian Affairs #2)
Assassins, skyships, and royal intrigue... Kindle, Kobo, AllRomance
Second Daughter is the second book in The Dharian Affairs trilogy (Third Daughter, Second Daughter, First Daughter). This steampunk-goes-to-Bollywood (Bollypunk!) romance takes place in an east-Indian-flavored alternate world filled with skyships, assassins, royal romance and intrigue.
Reviews of the first book, Third Daughter:
"The author fuses carriages, steam trains, airships and clockwork with the rich eastern culture that underlies Bollywood storytelling..." - Cherie Reich
"The political intrigue, the steampunk gadgets, and the beautiful costumes kept me in wonderment." - Tony Benson
├ČThird Daughter is vividly breathtaking. Quinn delivers royal intrigue, exotic locations, and sweeping romance. Not to be missed!├« - Pavarti Tyler, author of Shadow on the Wall
ON SALE - 99cents until 7/21
Third Daughter (The Dharian Affairs #1)
Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iTunes, AllRomance
(also available in print)
The Third Daughter of the Queen wants her birthday to arrive so she'll be free to marry for love, but rumors of a new flying weapon may force her to accept a barbarian prince's proposal for a peace-brokering marriage. Desperate to marry the charming courtesan she loves, Aniri agrees to the prince's proposal as a subterfuge in order to spy on him, find the weapon, and hopefully avoid both war and an arranged marriage to a man she does not love.
Both books now have a map!
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check out the gorgeous formatting of the print book!


  1. Congrats to Susan for another great publication!

  2. Major congrats to Susan! Looks like a fabulous read :)

  3. Great to see another one from you, Susan. Congratulations.

  4. Happy to host, Susan. I wish you many sales and great feedback.

  5. I love the covers and these stories sound great. Congrats to Susan.

  6. Yay! I read the first one in her Dharian series, and I loved it.

  7. Congrats to Susan! I love the map for the series and am looking forward to reading Second Daughter.

    [By the way, I'm hoping there is another Cherie Reich out there because the review quote wasn't from me. Wish I could claim it, though. Lovely take on a great story.]