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Friday, September 30, 2016

Back from a Hiatus! The Lowdown & Plans

Hi dear blogging, reading, author community!

I've missed you all. I kind of fell off the face of the earth toward the end of June. Well, maybe a bit before that. The highs and lows:
A high * I got super-busy trying to get ready for a bunch of amazing book conventions.
A high * I splurged for my first professional author photo (this one).
A low * I got bedbugs at one of the conventions!!! So did the unlucky photographer. Luckily, my exterminator had me well trained and I took care of business the second I hit home. NO bugs survived my war to the death. But my bites and resulting scars lingered for months. Yuck!
A high * I hit the USA Today bestseller list with a boxed set I'm in!!!
A high * I went to a writing retreat in Cape Cod and wrote every day, all day. Except for our sailboat ride and long dinners. Oh, and watching the Olympic Women's Volleyball teams kick some serious you-know-what!
A high * Attended a different book con in Saint Louis, sold lots, made new friends and had a blast! Penned Con to be exact, which gives all of their profits to Action for Autism. Mad respect to founders, Amy and Rick Miles.
I've had a long time to think about the blog. About how often I want to post, and more importantly, WHAT I want to post. I will post a bit less, but I will post. And yes, I will post about amazing books, and my own books... because I do love books and I do write. Just not 24/7.

The new Fireseed series covers
Ghosts of Fire anthology,
Untethered Realms Elements book 3
Shades of Prey, book 2
 So, happy fall, and wow, the Halloween season! And, I do have book stuff. A re-release with new covers and sales/freebies for my future shocker Fireseed series, including a new sequel novella called Blue House Magic. Untethered Realms has new story anthology out, Ghosts of Fire, book 3 of the Elements series. My story in this is Rollerskate Boys. Put the anthology on your Goodreads TBR list if you like. And I'll be doing a bunch of Facebook parties like Haunted Halloween Spooktacular on OCT 20 from 4 to 5 (EST) and A Magickal Samhain on Sunday, OCT 30 from 12 to 1:30 pm (EST) - all to help spread word of Ghosts of Fire and other spooktastic boxed sets I'm in, like Shades of Prey, Mystical Magic. Join the parties to chat with lots of authors and play games for giveaways if you like!!!

I'm happy to be back, and blogging. I will be checking into my fave old blogging haunts, and new ones, too.   xo Catherine


  1. Welcome back! You've had a lot of amazing things going on this summer!

    I try to hold my tongue when it comes to political (and religious) stuff, but this election is way too important, so I've been seriously considering stating my stand beyond just liking things I agree with.

    1. Cherie, you are more disciplined... or whatever you'd call it... than me. Tonight is the vice presidential debate and I'm chomping at the bit to see it. I've become quite the political wonk. But as promised, I will not rant about my views here. But watch out twitter & FB! LOL.

  2. Hey Catherine! Other than the bedbugs, that's a lot of highs. Good problems to have.
    The only thing I'll state politically is what I saw another blogger post - no matter who wins, America loses.

    1. Well, I don't share your position, but I DO respect you. So, it's all good here!!!

  3. Welcome back! Yikes on the bedbugs, but happy to hear all the other good news. I don't talk about politics on any of my social media, but this election is scary and I'm with you on it. I need to get back to putting more personal blog posts up too.

  4. Welcome back!

    I have to say, I'm looking forward to the elections being over.

    Your posts on Facebook aren't too bad, but man, some people (on both sides) are downright uncivilized now. (And I refuse to believe that trolling others helps anyone.)

  5. Nice to have you back! Congrats on all the highs- lot of wonderful things going on! :) Sorry about the bedbugs- that is one of my worries when I stay at hotels. Glad you have figured out a blogging schedule/topics that work for you. :)