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Monday, December 19, 2011

Fireseed One Launch Extended! Kelly joined the party!!

Welcome to the Launch Party!

Fireseed One is my new YA futuristic thriller. It's a journey into a tricked-out near-future earth where 18 year-old Varik has just inherited a vast ocean farm, following the suspicious drowning of his Marine biologist father. When Marisa, a beautiful and devious terrorist, destroys the world's food source, Varik is forced to travel down to a lethal hotzone, teeming with dangerous nomads and a strange cult to search for a magical hybrid plant that may not even exist. The catch? He must take Marisa along, the only person who seems to know key information.

Settle in and have a virtual drink. We're serving SeaGrape sodas, Snowflake Cocktails and Polar Ice Caps. Oh, and have some Flyfish puffs and Pastel Agar Pastries, specialty of SnowAngel Island. These delicacies are all served in Fireseed One.

I'm thrilled to have some of my favorite bloggers here
to help celebrate!

Kelly Hashway's YA and Middle Grade Blog
Sarah Ahiers at Falen Formulates Fiction
Angel Snyder at 909 Reviews Never Lies
Jenny Phresh at The Party Pony
PK Hrezo's My Fiction Addiction
David Powers King's Cosmic Laire of Sci Fi and Fantasy
Lizzy Ford's Guerilla Wordfare
Helen Mallon's WritingNurture: WritingNurture: Work. Balance. sAnItY?

They're ALL amazing so check out their launch posts, Fireseed giveaways, and follow them! They are also posting Fireseed excerpts and more about the characters. But first, mingle, and leave a comment. Consider a paperback copy of Fireseed for yourself or for a holiday gift. Indulge in its banquet of art: Jay's wraparound color, Taili's awesome world map, and my quirky pen and airbrush drawings. And of course, enjoy its breakneck twists. To purchase the collectable paperback: click here.

Or an eBook for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch: click here.

On Kindle!

On Nook!

For a little extra effort, want to win a free Fireseed One eBook? Leave me a comment saying why you should win, tweet or post on FB about this launch party, follow me here and please write a review on Amazon or Goodreads when you're done reading. I'll need your email, and let me know whether you want the Nook, iPad or Kindle version, okay?

Great to see you! Please consider "liking" the facebook Fireseed One page on your way out: here. Thanks so much for coming! Catherine


  1. Thanks for having me as part of the launch!

  2. Here's to a great launch and a wonderful successful book!

  3. Catherine, happy book birthday! And thanks for letting me be part of your blog tour. I'm looking forward to hosting you tomorrow. :)

  4. I bought four copies, and have seen one delivered and received with anticipatory fascination in Portland, Maine. The others are Christmas gifts.

    True to its nature, "Fireseed One" is seeding, and being seeded.

    Paradoxical? It's like a future seed coming back to the past to seed itself!

  5. congrats on your launch! wishing you nothing but the best!

  6. Hurrah! Let the party begin. See you at L'Ongitude for a cocktail!

  7. Thanks for stopping in. yes, let's toast with a Polar Ice Cap, shall we? That's crushed ice with marshmallow liqueur.

  8. I also purchased four copies! I have given one to a fourteen-year-old boy and a 26-year-old guy. Both can't wait to read it!
    I kept a copy for myself! I began reading it right away! I was immediately engaged even though I was exhausted from shopping and too tired to eat!!!
    In my opinion, Catherine is a rare talent. Her imagination is wondrous and her command of language and well-honed writing skills thrill you at every turn with yet another exciting, unique image or story twist or interesting idea. I feel honored to know her and to be able to get a glimpse into that amazing imagination of hers!
    I wish you much success with Fireseed One!

  9. I'm munching on the delicacies while I'm reading everyone's posts. Congratulations, Catherine on your book launch. Love the plot of the story. Will visit the other blogs to see what's happening there. Best of luck with your novel.

  10. A round of free Pastel Pastries in thanks to the generous comments. Sure beats that beetle loaf and moss juice they're serving down in the Hotzone.

  11. I'll take a Snowflake Cocktail (with a twist, of course). Then I'll lift my glass in a toast to you for this oh-so-delightful celebration of what you do so well. I'm so impressed, really, and I can't wait to read the copy of Fireseed One so beautifully displayed on my iPad. Congratulation! I wish you much success in the New Year.

  12. Hi! I tried popping from my cell phone hours ago when I was out shopping. I got the entire message typed and then completely lost it. :((

    I wanted to wish you a happy launch day! How exciting for you. What a fabulous accomplishment, Catherine!!!

  13. And your new book is all over the blogging world today - congratulations! Enjoy it.

  14. Sounds really interesting! Congrats on the launch! :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  15. Deb, thanks for buying FO for iPad. Angela, just popped over to your Bookshelf Muse. Nice site! Alex, yeah, so cool to see all of those same book covers on the dashboard. Candy, you're a sweetie.

  16. This looks like the perfect book match for some of my students! Congrats on a great book launch!


  17. Catherine, congratulations! This sounds like a book my son would adore. Love the cover too. Wishing you must success and I will be checking it out.

  18. Sandi, yes, I plan to create a downloadable study guide for classrooms and book clubs, because Fireseed has many topical themes for discussion (aside from the adventure). Thanks for stopping by.

  19. Congratulations! You worked hard to get to this point and now you're finally reaping the rewards of seeing your "child" take off! How wonderful! It's what we all dream of and I'm so happy for you!

  20. i just realized blogger at my first comment. Boo, blogger. Boo on you!
    Super congrats for reaching this point! It's well deserved!

  21. Aww, what a nice treat to slog back from the holiday shopping mob at Macys to see these new comments.

  22. Cool, a party. :D

    Congrats on your new book, Catherine!

  23. Great to see so many comments. Let me add, I am REALLY enjoying this book. The fact that you've been mulling it in your head since the 80's shows in how fully developed the imaginary world is. It's really gestated, and you've wrapped a great story around it!

  24. Thanks, Helen. And a shout out for her blog (link above). Check it out, it's quite interesting.

  25. Can't wait to read this, Catherine. I love everything about it so far. Sorry I'm so late getting over here (been crazy this week, and I'm sick) but wanted to stop by and officially congratulate you. *tosses confetti*

  26. Thanks, PK, you were a wonderful party "hostess"! Thanks for liking Fireseed on its facebook page. And thanks to all of the wonderful bloggers who helped me celebrate! I really appreciate it!