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Friday, December 30, 2011

HybridBooks & Ginger Nuts Junk Food--Zesty!

In the last couple of days I've come across two intriguing articles on ePublishing. One talks about a hybrid of the traditional and the eBook, the other speaks to the new ability (or nightmare), with the proliferation of digital text, to incessantly revise and update your work. Shades of Winston Smith's rewriting of history in 1984?
Read for yourself:
From The Wall Street Journal
Books That Are Never Done Being Written
By Nicholas Carr

From the New York Times
The Book Beyond the Book by David Streitfeld

Streifeld speaks of Melville House, an innovative publisher that advocates a sort of hybrid between eReaders and traditional books: "On the physical side, the hybrids are attractive, stripped down paperbacks... the electronic element comes in with the ancillary material at the end. The last page directs readers to a website."

These links enable the full experience to go on after the reading is done. For instance, a Melville story leads to a website that shows an 1852 map of lower Manhattan and a recipe for Ginger Nuts, all elements in the actual story. The publisher learned after the fact that Ginger Nuts were considered America's first junk food!

HybridBooks, eReaders, paperbacks, it's all good!
As for me, I'm thrilled with my brand new Kindle Fire.

What's your fave holiday gift?


  1. Interesting. I must go read the articles. I'm so far behind in technology and fear I'll never catch up.

    For Christmas I received a Stylus pen for my iPad. Haven't used it yet. I'm slow at trying new things.:)

  2. No Ginger Nuts for me, but I'd like to try them. ^_^

  3. Well I have an Ipad and a Nook 3G which I got last year. I'm selling my Nook 3G so that will leave me the Ipad which allows me to download and access kindle books as well as nook books. Yippee!

  4. I got a kindle touch, which I've already made good use of.

  5. I'm so jealous you got the Kindle Fire! I didn't even ask for it since I just got my Kindle 3G last year for Christmas. My favorite gift? Hmm, books. I got a few print books to read on my treadmill.

    These articles are very interesting, Catherine. Thank you for sharing them.

  6. Beth, I'm not even sure what a Kindle Touch is--I'll have to check that out! LM, yeah,, I sold my old Kindle DX through eBay (sold in one hour!), and I gifted my newer Kindle to my youngest son. Funny how these items get circulated. I wasn't sure I'd like bedtime reading with the Kindle Fire's bright screen, but it actually makes it easier to read. Plus, I fall asleep before getting any eventual eye strain. Also, if I wanted to, I could turn down the brightness. Gee, I sound like a Kindle Fire sales person. hahahaha.

  7. Beverley, what the hoo is a stylus pen for iPad? And, Angelina, I really wish I could sample some Ginger Nuts!! I imagine they'd be crunchy, spicy, kind of like a mix between Ginger Snap cookies and peanut brittle???

  8. mmm have to go with Kelly - books books books - of the paper variety more than the electronic I admit...
    although an iPad was definitely my not so secret desire- I'm reading so much more electronic stuff these days especially with my own edits and CP's work and reviews I must say an iPad would go down pretty nicely...
    Happy New Year ladies!

  9. I couldn't wait until Christmas; I bought a Kindle before Halloween. I love it. Still enjoy my old books, but having a Kindle has been great fun. Thanks for the eBook list to download.

  10. Don't have my hands on a Kindle or ereader, yet! But these books look great! Thanks for the super list, and when I do get one (fingers crossed for my birthday this month!) I'll refer back to this list.