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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Writers' Ally, Third Tour Stop, Win a FREE 10-pg. Manuscript Critique!!!!

The third stop on the Fireseed Tour finds us at Writers' Ally, the home of our lovely host SA Larsen. She wanted me to provide a back and forth between archenemies Varik and Marisa, and it got quite heated in more ways that one! See what you think about the tense back and forth. What would YOU do if you had to work with your very worst enemy to solve a dreadful, earth-shattering problem? Where do you predict their relationship is leading?

PLUS, all of you writers out there, enter Writers' Ally's giveaway to win a FREE 10-page manuscript critique. I've been doing manuscript evals for quite a while. Scroll to the bottom of this events & classes page to read what some of my students have said. I'd love to help you out in polishing up those all-important first pages of your novel.
So, hop on over to Writers' Ally to enter!

Please consider LIKING the Facebook Fireseed book page on your way out, for news updates, and more fun opportunities.
To see the entire tour schedule and details of tour activities and giveaways, click here. On Monday, the tour speeds on to Donna Galanti's Writing from the Dark Places, where I'll post about what's happening with YA thrillers.

But for today, I hope to see you over at Writers' Ally!


  1. OMG, I just signed up for the April A to Z challenge. Is this really possible to pull off?

  2. You and me both! I'm already plotting out what I'll be writing in April.

    BTW, I loved the interview at Writers' Ally!

  3. Just the idea of posting content EVERY day freaks me. It'll be fun though.

  4. Visiting from Writer's Ally. The books sounds interesting - would you classify it as YA Science Fiction?

  5. Hi Margo, some say it's YA sci-fi, some a YA thriller. It's YA speculative fiction, for sure. It's NOT what they call "hard-sci-fi". I wrote a whole guest post on YA sci-fi and various blends over at Susan Kaye Quinn's blog that runs Wed and Thurs. Click on my sidebar tour banner to see the entire tour schedule.

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