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Monday, June 18, 2012

Stephen Tremp's novel is on SALE, plus my first moments in Greece

I want to give a shout out to alert folks that fellow blogger and author, Stephen Tremp’s sci-fi novel Breakthrough, The Adventures of Chase Manhattan is free on Amazon, June 18 and 19. Be sure to grab your copy of this futuristic page-turner!

Praise for Breakthrough:

“In a world about to be radically changed by a scientific discovery that will trump for good or evil purposes, a power-play struggle unfolds with breakneck speed and riveting drama in Breakthrough. Filled with intrigue, romance, betrayal, action scenes that have you gripping, some spiritual contemplation and quandary, emotions that run deep and strong, and packed with a multi-faceted cast of varied and multi-dimensional characters, Breakthrough is a novel you will find next to impossible to put down once you start reading” - Marvin Wilson, author and editor.”

For more info, a synopsis or reviews go to Stephen’s website here or his Goodreads author page here

I am in an obscure location in Greece, teaching for a few weeks and it's no small miracle that I found an Internet spot that works. I'm glad I got this post up and running for Stephen's sale. Now that I know which cafe is the place, I plan to connect a bit more. The Aegean sea is spectacularly blue, and the sun is sci-fi bright. I'll be posting about some of my experiences here, so stay tuned.
I'll leave you with some English words that come from the Greek:
agoraphobia= agora (marketplace) + phobia (fear) literally means fear of the marketplace, or fear of crowds!
polis= an ancient city state such as Athens-in America, think Indianapolis, metropolis, etc.
Know any more good ones?


  1. Great! Just downloaded it. :)

    Glad you are enjoying the beauty of Greece. Slightly jealous...ok, not slightly.

  2. I'm writing a story set in Greece, but it's not nearly as good as being there. Enjoy!

  3. Yay for Stephen! I've got my copy. :)

  4. Ah, Kelly, a story set in Greece-good! It's pretty cool here. Just went riding around the small island I'm on. Reminds me of pictures of the moon.

  5. Thanks Catherine for the outstanding post! I appreciate it, especially as you are half way around the world. Enjoy the awesome beauty and amazing culture!

  6. I'm happy to do it, Stephen. I wish you many new readers!

  7. Megalopolis. :)

    I see Stephen's bid for world domination is working. This is the third blog I've see with his book.

  8. You're traveling through Greece and you still managed to get the word out faster than I did, due to a computer glitch! Nice to meet you, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip! Julie

  9. Haha, Julie, I guess I did. Mainly because Greece is about 7 hrs. ahead of The east coast of the states. Yes, Stephen is opting for world domination... next chapter?

    1. I'd love to visit Greece. I've set a number of books and storylines in Europe, but nothing in Greece yet.

      Agoraphobia is a word that hits close to hone for me, since I'm in a 4-year relationship with an agoraphobe who hasn't exactly made much progress. I think my favorite English word of Greek origin is xanthochroid, which means blonde or yellow.

  10. Carrie-Ann, love the Greek word for blond-awesome!

  11. Isn't it amazing that such a beautiful place could be caught up in so much turmoil. Your stay there coincides with an historical turning point. Soak it up.

  12. Yes, the New Democratic Party won, and no one is rioting over here. Far from it, I just went to the original Odeon by the Acropolis to hear opera, and I got to see the high society here dressed in their summer finest. Seems pretty ouzo with a mint twist to me!

  13. Hope you're having a great time in Greece, Catherine.

  14. Thanks, Mary. My students are all really smart and creative, and we're having deep discussions involving a De Lillo novel, leitmotifs, talking skeletons and the wind. Go figure.

  15. Greece. One of my favorite places. Enjoy and give us pictures.

    Stephen's book is in my Kindle and waiting for me to read it.

  16. I wish I was in Greece, although the recent political and economic unrest experienced by that country is shocking the world. Hopefully it doesn't cause you too much trouble. I know they need tourism.

    I already grabbed my copy of Tremp's book. I plan on reading it soon. :)

  17. Well, I missed the book. Should read my email sooner.

    Greece sounds like the place to be. Enjoy.