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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cool Science Fiction Fodder and Windup Tour Stops

John C in Silly Toga
Let's start with something funny, shall we? Has anyone seen the John Carter flick? Did you like it? I haven't seen it (yet... Netflix anyone) though I do love Mars and anything Mars related. Of all the planets, I'd most like to set a story on Mars. And I  probably will. But back to John Carter. It totally failed at the box office. I have my theories.

First off, the title gives no insight whatsoever into the movie's subject. Sounds like Carter's diapers and baby clothes! Secondly, those posters just didn't cut it. The actor looks super-goofy in his leather toga out of C or D list Central Casting. Though I do kind of like those toothy monsters. Here are official theories as to why JC was box office arsenic:

The first is from io9, a fun blog I follow that has sci-fi news: here
The second, comes from the online Media section of the New York Times. The article is Ishtar Lands on Mars, and it also profiles other hilarious box office disasters, including Ishtar, starring Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman.

Next for your reading pleasure is the amazing and exhaustive list of sci-fi reads that Margo Berendsen put together. She actually took the time to break it all down into themes, here

Now, for some good news, Fireseed One earned two 5-star reviews! One from Paige at Comfort Books, the other from Alex, at Electrifying Reviews, and a really nice one from Sheri at Writers' Ally!

And there's still time to win an autographed, illustrated copy over at Writers' Ally

Also, A Still and Quiet Madness hosted me for a wrestling match: Fireseed characters, Marisa and Varik Duke it Out! Stop by and weigh in on who you think won the round.

And lastly, on Monday, March 19th, the Fireseed One tour ends on a much-admired blog, Wistful Nebulae, where I guest post about freaky, future hybrids. There is an unusual prize to be had for commenting, so venture over on Monday. And while you're at it, why not download one of M Pax's lyrical, otherworldly stories.

Before you leave, don't forget to reveal what you think about John Carter, or any other really, really BAD sci-fi movie!


  1. Ed Wood. Best oops worst. Anything by Ed Wood. Johnny Depp agrees with me.

  2. I have no desire to see this one. I thought the trailer looked more funny than anything else.

    I'm glad your tour is going well. You'll be able to sleep soon. ;)

  3. John Carter is an old sci-fi novel...can't remember the author. One of the godfathers of sci-fi. I've heard good things about it.

  4. I've never heard of this movie.

  5. M Pax, it's based on a story by Edgar Rice Burroughs, which I'm sure is good. Maybe I should see John Carter before I comment. I just hate that title and the posters look silly.

  6. I thought it looked terrible from the start. I think this type of sci fi is pretty passe. If it's going to be set on Mars with a civilization of monsters, it better not take itself seriously. I saw no irony in the trailers. It would have done better to have a tone like Starship Troopers, for example.

  7. I'm not sure what I think of John Carter. I've heard mixed reviews. I'll be waiting until it comes on Netflix too.

  8. I'm with you Amy. Yes, taking itself way too seriously!

  9. I know a couple of people who've seen it and say it's wonderful. But, these are sci-fi lovers. I'm curious because those who love it are baffled by the bad reviews. Hmm. Guess I'll have to wait and judge for myself!

  10. I will go see it. At least to check out those cool monstery beasts.

  11. My 9 yo wants to see the movie. I'll pass. The Hunger Games is the only movie I want to see. :D