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Friday, March 2, 2012

Publishing Articles of Note & Giveaways

There are two articles of note about publishing that anyone interested in the matter should read. The first is Nathan Bransford's post that asks a question that fired a heated debate, Are Publishers Plagued by a Perception Problem? The second article of note is Anthony Horowitz's Guardian piece, Do We Still Need Publishers? He is droll. And he's not hard on the eyes. Okay, tacky, but I know this will occur to you when you see his photo. Have you read his Alex Ryder series?

*Harrumph. Hides blush* Onto another topic, some really hot Fireseed One tour stops that have giveaways that are worth popping over to! We love to support great bloggers who host us, don't we? So, make sure to leave a comment.

Today, at The Magick Pen, Austine asked me for tips to writers. She also wanted me to reveal the sad secret inspiration behind Fireseed--because stories are born of beauty AND pain, and this one's no exception. We're giving away one eBook and one illustrated collectable paperback. So, go show Austine some love, and check out the prettiest blog banner EVER, right here.

Wednesday's stop was on Bree's Magic Attic, where she encouraged me to create a fantasy film score for Fireseed One. The result? A futuristic, electro, alt-ish mix that makes one's imagination trip out on future scenarios. I give my musical son credit too, as we both put this together. He turned me on to Clint Mansell, for instance, who had a great track for Pi, and did the soundtrack of Requiem for a Dream. The swag? We are giving away two Fireseed CDs to the lucky winner: enter here! This giveaway is active through March 15th. 

Thursday, March 1st I guest posted about YA sci-fi trends over at Susan Kaye Quinn's blog! Come join the conversation and post to win a free eBook of Fireseed! This giveaway is active through Sunday, March 4th at midnight, so don't delay.

Also on Thursday, The Review Girl, a virtual blog jump across the pond to the UK, interviewed me. Enter to win our eBook giveaway! This one is open through March 11th!

There you have it for now! Now, tell me what's up with you on your way out.


  1. You have been busy! You're all over the place. Good for you.

    I just finished drafting the final book in the Touch of Death trilogy. Yay!

  2. Great articles you linked to. And congratulations and good luck with everything you're doing.

  3. Yeah, I think the debate is pretty fair-handed in these articles, and I'm not taking sides!

  4. I have read the Alex Ryder series (bought them for my son), and love them. I'll have to check out his Guardian article later tonight when I have more time. By the way, I do think publishers are suffering from a perception problem. They're acting like followers instead of leaders, IMO.

  5. I've read the Nathan Bransford article. Will check the other one. Thanks for the tips. Enjoy the rest of your tour.

  6. Thanks for the links! I've really been enjoying your blog tour. Congrats!

  7. Sounds like a great post. Going over!

  8. Thanks, Adrianne. You've got to see Austine's blog too-prettiest banner ever.

  9. My son has loved anything by Anthony Horowitz since he could read. Now that he's 17, he still re-reads the Alex Ryder series about every summer. I didn't realize Anthony was so hot :)

    Now I'm off to check out the links.

  10. Great post! Very helpful, so thanks for sharing it with us - I'm going to look at the links now :)

    Follow back/Check out my IMM @ Stepping Out of the Page

  11. Steph, following your blog now, and twitter. Love the owl logo!