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Friday, November 7, 2014

News, more artsy images & stuff! Plus what are YOU up to?

Hi all, I'm still in the thick of launch madness. Ever been through it? Ever had two books launch at once? If so, you feel my pride, fear, exhilaration and pain! Reviews are trickling in, many Facebook messages must be posted, word must get out! It's fun, exhausting, maddening, engaging--all of it at once. My writing students, readers, fellow bloggers (you!) and family help keep me grounded. Thanks! And thanks to all who are reading and reviewing, helping get the word out about Private Internship and Dorianna, and hanging out at my Facebook events. A special thanks to those who bought copies! I am so very grateful.  Random news:

The rather dashing, but dangerous villain from DORIANNA
For those who do NOT like reading on Kindles, Dorianna finally came out in paperback! 
Pick up a copy from Amazon.

I've been having more fun with images and titles. I created this banner for the street team I'm continuing to build. Renamed it Kitsy Cat's Crew. Silly & fun. Like my new banner?
Interested in joining? Free books to read & review, swag, attention to your WIPs and more. Sign up form here.

The Dorianna tour and Rafflecopter with a huge array of great ebooks is still open (until NOV 24). Check out the remaining stops & scroll down to enter the Rafflecopter here.

Today is the last day for Private Internship's YA Bound tour. Here are the last stops with a couple of really nice reviews and a character interview of my main players: Sienna & Caz:
Paradise of Pages – Review ***
books are love - Review ***
Reader Girls - Character interviews! Caz and Sienna
My Crazy Corner - Promo Post

Today's Dorianna stop: my guest post on new twists to Dr. Faustus!

What are YOU up to in November? Doing Nano? If so, feel free to buddy me (CatherineStine).


  1. I had to push through three releases in two months. Killer! I feel for you.

    Good luck with NaNo. I'm busy with edits this month so I'm not participating.

  2. Two book releases AND you're doing NaNo? you'll have to tell me how you managed since I'll have a book release in the middle of next year's A to Z Challenge.

  3. You're doing awesome getting two books released!

    No NaNo for me this year, and I really miss it, but I have other things I should be doing this month.

  4. I can't even imagine trying to do two launches at once. I can't even handle one! but it's good to see that all's looking so good, and yay for paperbacks!! :)

  5. Yay for buyers, readers, and reviewers! With all the blog tour stuff you're tackling NaNo too? You're Superwoman!! :)

  6. Good luck with NaNo, busy Cat!

    I am working on a novel, too, in November. I like the idea of all these stories pouring out into our collective psyche this month!

  7. Wow, how crazy and wonderful your life is at the moment! I was smart not to do NaNo this year since my time is limited, but I miss it. I just finished Dorianna and now I'm reading Private Internship. I have to find out what Caz's story is! What a fantastic and unique character.