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Monday, November 3, 2014

YA Bound tour for Private Internship, plus special request: ebook to paperback help

This week is the YA Bound tour for Private Internship. One more big promo push for my beloved, troubled artists, Sienna and Caz in their sugar warehouse. And a personal request to all of you who are curious about, or already enjoy new adult lit. I'm not often this direct, but... Inkspell, my publisher can only release Private Internship in paperback if it sells over a certain amount for the first three months. I'll be attending YAtopia June 2015 in Nashville and the RT Booklovers con May 2015 in Dallas. For that I'll need paperbacks. Plus, I'd love to meet you-authors, readers. So, please consider buying an ebook!
Amazon, B&N, All Romance Ebooks, Kobo
What book bloggers are saying about Private Internship:
“A must read!” -Amazeball’s Book Addicts
“Sexy, smart, compelling!” -Booklover 
“Believable characters who show emotional growth.” -Summer’s Book Blog
“Could not stop reading.” -Christine’s Book Blog
***Also, the Dorianna tour hosted by Bewitching Books continues. The Rafflecopter is still open through NOV 24, chock full of great fantasy and SF reads from lots of authors, many in our community! To enter, scroll down. To check out the Bewitching Books Dorianna tour click here.
***A question: what promo do you do? What types of promo do you feel are most effective?
Here's the YA Bound Private Internship Tour lineup:

November 3
Reading to Distraction - Review ***
A Book Addict's Bookshelves - Promo
Undercover Book Reviews - Promo Post
Books Need TLC - Review ***
The Phantom Paragrapher - Review ***
November 4
Between The Lines - Review ***
Kelly P's Blog - Promo Post
Victoria Simcox's Blog - Promo Post
Mischievous Reads – Review (TK) & character profile
Reviews from a Dreamer - Promo Post
Musings of a Bibliophage - Review (TK)

November 5
The Caffeinated Booknerd - Review ***
Booksessions - Promo Post

November 6
Andrea Buginsky, Author - Character Interview!
book lovers club - Review ***
Margay Leah Justice - Promo Post

November 7
Paradise of Pages – Review ***
books are love - Review ***
Reader Girls - Character interviews! Caz and Sienna
My Crazy Corner - Promo Post
V's Reads - Review

YA Bound Rafflecopter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Bewitching Tours Rafflecopter:
a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I hope you sell enough ebooks to get it into print, Catherine. I just bought my copy. Looks like you have a nice line-up of tour stops. Good luck!

  2. Thanks so much, Alex and Gwen! I truly appreciate it.

  3. Purchased! I'd been meaning to anyhow, so thanks for the reminder. I have to get better about doing so for all my writer buddies! Fingers crossed about paperback releases! And Seriously, who knows? Sometimes I swear I'm just banging my head against the wall.

  4. Whew! 26 stops in 5 days? That's insanity! I've got my toes crossed you'll hit the numbers you need!

    Unleashing the Dreamworld

  5. That's a pretty ambitious blog tour you've got set up there. Wishing you tons and tons of good vibes and sales. Off to get a copy. :)

  6. You asked what promo others do - I did a big blog hop and multi-author giveaway when my book came out. It did okay, but not in the long run. But everyone I know who spends on advertising doesn't do well either. I'm pretty sure it's just luck - so make sure you love what you do 'coz success is like winning the lotto.

  7. Lexa, yes, do the promo I find least yucko, and kind of fun. I've been doing FB parties and actually really enjoying them!
    LG & Meradeth, thanks so much for uploading a copy. I hope you find it entertaining!

  8. I hope you get that paperback edition, Catherine! It's a great book.

  9. That's a lot of pressure. I hope you get your quota!

  10. Thanks for commenting at Christine Rains' blog. Good luck with your quota!

  11. I hope you meet your quota! Break it big on your tours!

  12. I hope all is going well with the book sales!

    Thanks for the fabulous giveaway. What great prizes!

    I don't think I have ever attended a Facebook Party of a twitter chat- but they are two things I am curious about.


  13. Jess, you should check out a FB party. They are surprisingly fun!
    Mary, thanks for the kudos.

  14. Wow! Your blog has a whole new look!
    Also, those snow flake cookies look really good.