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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tour Day Two; on Worldbuilding, Illustrating, and Excerpts

Hi! Today is the second stop of the Fireseed One book tour! Hart, over at her awesome blog, Confessions of a Watery Tart is hosting me. I reveal secrets of world-building and story concepts, and how drawings can play into that. Pop on over and show Hart some love, and share with us how you build your early story concepts!
Click here to visit!

Tomorrow, Thursday, Feb 23, the tour stops at SA Larsen's Writers' Ally, for a fiery interview with Varik and Marisa, archenemies in Fireseed One. Also, enter to win a free illustrated book or a 10 page manuscript critique!!! (Catherine is a veteran of editing manuscripts and critiquing).
So make sure to check back tomorrow for that link!

To see the entire Fireseed One tour schedule, click here.

Hope to see you over at Watery Tart!

Cheers, Catherine


  1. Yay! I totally loved reading about how you started out with the drawings and built from there

  2. Thanks, Sarah, I'm looking forward to that embarrassing post on our teen crushes from hugh school-ack. MIne were the weirdest, wackiest...

  3. So cool, Catherine! I can't get a story complete unless I illustrate my characters. :)

    I tagged you in a game of Blog Tag. Come over to my blog and see what the rules are.

  4. Wow, Katrina, I think I'll actually have time to play Blog Tag this weekend, when I have a break in the tour until Monday! I'll stop by to check out the rules. So fun!