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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Swag peeks for the upcoming Model Position tour & a chance for you to promote too!

I'm so excited! Model Position releases on February 20, in just two weeks! 
Leagh over at Romance Novel Promotions is throwing a huge launch party on February 21, which I'd love for you to pop into. She'll have LOTS of books to give away from all kinds of writers. Here's where you come in! If you have a romance-ish novel out, you can promote your book by giving away a copy in the launch party for Model Position. Leagh has an easy-peasy form to sign up, and heres' the link.

Kel over at Literary Nook has a Model Position tour scheduled for March 3 through 25. She's designed a really cute banner, don't you think? We'll be giving away all kinds of swag, including coffee mugs, wristlet bags and a Kindle with a pastel-blue cover. Niiiiice.

And my publisher, Inkspell is organizing a review-only tour. Thanks, Inkspell!

I have the first swag in my hands: a coffee mug, and here it is with its first hot cuppa joe in it. Sweet, huh? 

What fun activities are you up to?


  1. Your book looks fab! Love the cover. I'm working on a romance suspense / mystery at the moment and having a blast. Best of luck to you on your future release!!

  2. Two weeks - get excited!
    Cool you got a mug. I have one with my covers on it and it makes it feel more real.

  3. Nice, Alex, I like drinking coffee from it. Candilynn, what an exciting new venture for you. I look forward to reading it when it comes out.

  4. Awesome! I could use some coffee right now. I'm freezing with all this snow and ice we got overnight.

  5. I love the mug - that's so cool! Congrats on your upcoming release. It's gonna be a big party! I'm looking forward to it. :)

  6. So fun!! I can't believe your release is so soon :) Love the mug, too--so cool!

  7. Yipee! Free stuff is always good. Congrats on your forthcoming tours. They sound like fun. I have a cup with one of my book's cover. It's pretty cool.

  8. Inkspell has always been so good with tours. Can't wait to host you! :) Cool mug.

  9. Thanks for hosting, Christine. And yeah, I'm enjoying the mug. More swag items TK!

  10. Great news about your tour! Look at all that swag!!!

  11. What a pretty coffee mug! Sounds like you have a great tour coming up! And I'm loving Model Position and am hoping to finish reading it today. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Thanks, Cherie! I really appreciate that. And Lee, there is more swag to come.

    1. Boundless Swag! Authors are amazing. We need to really appreciate them for what they do. I can't read fast enough anymore.